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"Email Opening Rate is %25 On a Good Day And a Chatbot Opening Rate is 80% On a Bad Day."


Chatbots Are For You when...

  • You are looking for a way that binds a potential customer to your business.
  • If you are looking to re-engage people that have already been your customers but haven't returned again.
  •  When you want to automate mundane tasks like taking appointments, sending out reminders and basic customer support  
  • When you are sick and tired of the low opening rate and submission rate an email list gives you.

The Chatbot Feature List!

The List of Features Why Chatbots Are
The Future of Marketing!

Learn and understand why ChatBots are the future of online marketing.

Easy List Building

​The biggest strength of any chatbot is building a list of prospects in a way that is as frictionless as it can be. With the push of a button, your cold prospects are in your list, frictionless...

Sequal Messaging

This is by far the best way to warm up your cold prospects into becoming customers, we all know that it takes a view contact moments for a prospect to become familiar with your brand and trust you enough to buy from you. The best way to let a prospect warm up to your brand is by sending them great content,and with a chatbot you can easily automate that..

Setting Appointments.

Not only is a chatbot good for lead generation but it can also save you a lot of time with the appointment module. You can make appointments for different classes or teachers; the possibilities are endless with a well-configured chatbot..


Freebies & Coupons

 To lure new customers you often you need to give them something for free, this could be a free hour in the gym, a video with yoga exercises or an e-book with weight loss recipes for new moms. The chatbot is a great tool to deliver coupons and freebies on a regular basis to keep your new prospects and regular clients happy.


Easily Creating Surveys.

 Knowing what your prospects and customers are thinking about your business is vital. Just if there only was an easy way to ask them. There is with chatbots you can ask your clients anything you want to know about your business, give them an incentive to fill out your questionnaire!


Tracking & Reporting

You will have a robust tracking and reporting, the great thing about the reporting section you can see who is in your list, where they are from and how they have used your chatbot. This information is gold; you can message people according to what they have done in your chatbot, more accurate marketing than this doesn't exist.

Order your Shout Out ChatBot now!

You can have your ChatBot up and Running for less then $100- Where can you find an employee that is cheaper, more accurate and doesn't complaint about the hours? 

Start Exploiting The Powers That ChatBots Gives You!

Have a low-cost stand-alone bot build for you. Have a professional setup and hit the ground running, for less than $100 you will have a comprehensive new assistant that will gather leads, collect people's information, send out messages whenever you publish new content, you have been through the demo, right? So, you have seen what it can do.

Build that list. The saying goes "The Money is in The List" which is still true, the problem with an email list is that the opening rate is between 10 and 25 percent. People are getting so many emails these days that most of the emails are going unopened. But sending a broadcast with messenger will get you a 100% delivery and 80% opening rate, that is not something to sneeze at.

Is this another shiny thing? Absolutely not, ChatBots are here to stay, and they will become much smarter, they will take over a lot of mundane and routine administration tasks that eat away your time. They can activate previous customers who already bought from you; Chatbots can send out a weekly message about some great content you have published, the opportunities are literally endless.


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